Ask questions now; avoid litigation (or a Union election) later.

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HR Advice & Support

We take care of everything HR related (remotely) and keep you informed without the need for additional staff. We’ll provide support to align your required HR functions with strategies to grow your business.

Training and Development

Training and developing people is the most best way for businesses to successfully carry out activities, internal growth, and business expansion. We help you ensure that your training is timely and compliant, so your learning opportunities encourage collaboration, increase productivity, and help employees grow.

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HR Legal Compliance

One legal battle can cost a business upwards of $250,000.  Failure to maintain legal compliance opens up your business to governmental fines and penalties, claims, and employment litigation. With Valens, we ensure your business and personal assets are not at risk by constantly monitoring changes in the law and keeping your business compliant.

Organizational/Team Development

With our personable and integrated approach, we identify your human capital needs and goals, and develop clearly-defined roles and responsibilities, so you hire and retain the right people who give you a competitive advantage.

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“As a smaller company, we couldn't afford traditional human resource services that charged us for every minute we spoke with them. We couldn't believe the flexibility that Valens offered our business and can't recommend it enough!”

Armaan Gupta, CEO, Kreative

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Our 100% retention rate means we're doing something right

From start-ups to global enterprises, it’s no wonder clients choose Valens.