Keeping a workplace union-free isn't easy, but with the right advice, it's not difficult either.

Connect with tried and true Human Resources/Union Avoidance experts who’ve spent years (and by “years” we’re talking 35 or more), fueling the success of some of the most well-known and respected companies in the world.  

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Here's the problem with similar service providers.
Their HR support is through novices who have little to no practical experience; with disconnected Union Avoidance "experts" unable to quickly build the level of trust and respect necessary to be effective; all delivered in an outdated, cookie-cutter "one-size-fits-all" approach.

That's why Valens is both different and effective.

"We’re excited about our partnership [with Valens] to create a culture attractive to workers and customers, while aligning HR functions with business growth strategies. We are grateful for Tracy’s education, advice, counsel, handbook review, and employee coaching, discipline, performance management/termination and the development of our Human Resources toolkit with everything we need to make our work easier. Thanks, Valens - we love working with you!"

West Orange Habitat for Humanity

Frustrated employees reach out to lawyers and unions for help. Smart employers hire Valens.

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HR Consulting and Support

Launching and growing a business requires your full attention.  As your Human Resources Advisor, we help with your people-power. We also help you to create a culture attractive to workers and customers, while aligning HR functions with business growth strategies. 

Training and Development

Educating your people is the most effective way to minimize risk and improve internal effectiveness and efficiencies. For entrepreneurs and growing businesses, our Intentional Mindset program is critical for the shift in your journey from Average to Epic. Our training is engaging and accessible anywhere so learning opportunities encourage collaboration, increase productivity, and help people grow (personally and professionally).

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Legal Compliance

One legal claim by an employee can cost upwards of $250,000.  Failure to maintain legal compliance opens up the business AND its management team personally to governmental fines, penalties, and litigation. Compliance is not a 1-time issue; it’s ongoing.  We ensure business and personal assets are not at risk by conducting internal investigations as a completely neutral party, and constantly monitoring changes in federal, state, and local laws.

Organizational/Team Development

It’s absolutely critical to continuously evaluate process improvements and have fully-engaged team members in order to deliver world-class experiences and operate effectively.  We identify your employee needs and goals, developing clearly-defined roles and responsibilities, so you hire and retain the right people to give you a competitive advantage.  We identify issues to be addressed BEFORE employees even consider unionization (which increases your administrative costs alone, on average, by 35% and drives a wedge between management and the workforce).

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"I couldn't believe how vested [Tracy] was in the success of my business...Communication, Support, Knowledge and keeping me out of trouble gives me peace of mind so that I can continue to concentrate and grow my business. Thank you is not enough Tracy. I will never be able to repay you for all that you have done."

CEO, Prominence Title & Escrow, LLC.

Ask questions now to avoid litigation later.

“What is HR? Human Resources (HR) is everything related to the employment of people to provide services on behalf of a business; ensuring they work in a safe and healthy environment; with clear duties and expectations, transparent and genuine communication from leadership, tools to be successful, and the opportunity for personal and professional growth."

Tracy Schrey, Founder & CEO, Valens Business Services

Our 100% customer retention rate means we do things right

From start-ups to global enterprises (and everything in between), it’s no wonder customers choose Valens to service all of their people-powered needs.